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Thursday December 14th at 1 m EST

Find out everything there is to know about the revised FTC Safeguards Rule, including how your company may be affected.

It is imperative to stay up to date on the latest laws, particularly with the Federal Trade Commission's June 9, 2023, deadline for Cyber Safeguards.

Many businesses, including CPAs, bookkeepers, car dealerships, mortgage brokers, investment firms, and check-cashing businesses, might not even be aware that they are subject to these requirements. Don't take a chance with your business's standing or your clients' trust. Come learn more about these regulations and how they apply to your company.

You are need to follow strict guidelines in nine crucial areas as of June 9th, 2023; if you don't, there could be serious consequences. Make sure your organization is prepared for this important regulatory need so that it doesn't fall behind the times.

Relax, we've got you covered!

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Understanding the FTC Safeguards Rule

Thursday December 14th at 1 pm EST


We will teach you in this

35-minute session:

We will teach you in this

35-minute session:

  • Who is covered by the Safeguards rule

  • What are the requirements to comply with the Safeguards Rule

  • What does a reasonable information Security program require & how do you implement it

  • What areas does your staff need to be trained

  • How to identify and fix weakness & risks in your system

  • Procedures for documenting and reporting

  • How to keep your information security program current

  • We won't hold anything back. By the time we are done you will have a plan you can quickly and easily take action on.

3 Things You May be Wondering about the New FTC Regulations...

Is my company actually impacted by the new FTC regulations?

If your company collects, stores, or shares customer information, it's likely that you'll need to comply with the new regulations.), the FTC requirements apply to your Firm and compliance is required by June 9th, 2023

Can't this wait until later?

Unfortunately, no. The updated FTC regulations go into full effect June 9th, 2023. All CPA Firms will be subject to regulations, penalties, and fines as of this date

Are the new FTC Safeguards regulations complicated?

Assuring that your company is up to speed on the new regulations is a daunting process without help. In fact, professional I.T. support is now mandated by the Safeguards Rule

Carl de Prado Principal A2Z Business IT

Carl de Prado will be sharing exactly what you need to know about protecting your company from both FTC penalties and future security breaches.


Carl has dedicated his life to making sure his clients' environments are protected and functioning properly. Carl takes pride in the care that is unparalleled in the industry. Carl makes it easier for his clients to sleep at night knowing that their data is secure, their company's image is impeccable, and their team is effective and stays loyal

Carl always looks for ways to help the cyber security community, and one of the ways is as a mentor to other IT companies, a Cyber Security Awareness Trainer, and InfraGard, a unique partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and individuals in the private sector for the protection of U.S. critical infrastructure and the American people.

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